Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–218.12. Director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development.

(a)(1) The Department shall be under the supervision of a Director who shall carry out the functions and authorities assigned to the Department.

(2) The Mayor shall appoint the Director with the advice and consent of the Council.

(b) The Director shall have full authority over the Department and all functions and personnel assigned to the Department, including the power to re-delegate to other employees and officials of the Department such powers and authority as in the judgment of the Director are warranted in the interests of efficiency and sound administration.

(c) The Director shall monitor the accomplishment of the requirements of this subchapter.

(d) Repealed.

(e) Repealed.

(f) Repealed.

(g) The Director shall have the authority to enforce the provisions of this subchapter and may impose fines, fees, penalties, and other remedial actions for violations of § 2-218.63 or the regulations promulgated pursuant to this subchapter.

(h) The Director shall establish within the Department, oversee, and administer such divisions, offices, or other units as may be necessary or appropriate to perform the functions and duties of the Department.

(i) The Director may take such other actions as are necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions of this subchapter.