Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1831.17. Advisory Committee.

(a) There is established an Advisory Committee to the Office of Administrative Hearings.

(b) The Advisory Committee shall consist of the following 8 persons:

(1) The Mayor or his or her designee;

(2) The Chairman of the Council or his or her designee;

(3) The Attorney General or his or her designee;

(4) Two agency heads appointed by the Mayor, or their designees, from agencies with cases coming before the Office of Administrative Hearings;

(5) Two members of the District of Columbia Bar, appointed by the Mayor, neither of whom shall be employed by the District of Columbia government; and

(6) A member of the public, appointed by the Mayor, who is not a member of the District of Columbia Bar.

(c) The Mayor shall chair the Advisory Committee, or may designate an Advisory Committee Chair from among its members.

(d) A member of the Advisory Committee may not receive compensation for service on the Advisory Committee, but is entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

(e) The Advisory Committee shall:

(1) Advise the Chief Administrative Law Judge in carrying out his or her duties;

(2) Identify issues of importance to Administrative Law Judges and agencies that should be addressed by the Office;

(3) Review issues and problems relating to administrative adjudication;

(4) Review and comment upon the policies and regulations proposed by the Chief Administrative Law Judge; and

(5) Make recommendations for statutory and regulatory changes that are consistent with advancing the purposes of this chapter.

(f) The Advisory Committee shall meet at a regular time and place to be determined by the committee.

(g) The Chief Administrative Law Judge shall confer with the Advisory Committee at its meetings and shall provide such information as the Advisory Committee lawfully may request.