Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1802.01. Notice of infraction.

(a) In order to initiate a proceeding under subchapter I of this chapter and this subchapter, the Mayor shall serve a notice of infraction upon a respondent. The Mayor shall retain a copy of the notice of infraction, which shall bear a certification attesting to the matters set forth in the notice.

(b) The Mayor shall prepare the notice of infraction, which shall contain:

(1) The name and address of the respondent;

(2) A citation of the law or regulation alleged to have been violated;

(3) The nature, time, and place of the infraction;

(4) Where appropriate, the date by which the respondent must comply to avoid incurring a fine or penalty;

(5) The amount of the fine applicable to the infraction;

(6) The manner, place, and time in which the fine and penalties, if any, may be paid;

(7) Notice that failure to pay monetary sanctions may result in suspension of respondent’s permit or license;

(8) Notice that failure to answer the notice of infraction within 15 days after the date of service, or other period which the Mayor may establish by rule, shall result in a penalty equal to twice the amount of the civil fine for the infraction set forth in the notice; and

(9) Notice of the respondent’s right to request a hearing with respect to the infraction, and the procedure for requesting a hearing.

(c) If an administrative law judge or attorney examiner determines that a notice of infraction is defective on its face, the administrative law judge or attorney examiner shall enter an order dismissing the notice of infraction and shall promptly notify the respondent.