Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1801.04. Monetary sanctions.

(a)(1) The Mayor shall prepare and periodically amend a schedule of fines. The schedule of fines shall be submitted to the Council of the District of Columbia (“Council”) for its approval or disapproval, in whole or in part, by resolution. The schedule of fines and subsequent amendments shall not become effective until approved by the Council, or 30 days after submission if the Council has not disapproved the schedule or amendments.

(2) In addition to the civil fine, a respondent who fails to answer a notice of infraction within the time specified by § 2-1802.02(e) may be assessed a penalty equal to twice the amount of the civil fine for the infraction set forth in the notice.

(b) In addition to any civil fines and penalties imposed following the adjudication of an infraction adverse to a respondent, an administrative law judge or attorney examiner may, in accordance with rules issued by the Mayor, impose upon the respondent, by order, the costs to the District of any additional inspections before, during, or after the hearing, and other costs associated with the hearing.