Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1705. Records Disposition Committee.

(a) There is established a Records Disposition Committee (“Committee”) consisting of the following:

(1) A chairperson, the State Historic Records Coordinator, appointed by the Mayor;

(2) The following ex officio members or their designees:

(A) The City Administrator/Deputy Mayor for Operations;

(B) The Secretary of the District of Columbia;

(C) The Secretary to the Council;

(D) The Director of Public Libraries;

(E) The Deputy Mayor for Finance;

(F) The Corporation Counsel;

(G) The Inspector General;

(H) The District of Columbia Auditor;

(I) The Superintendent of Schools; and

(J) The Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals; and

(3) The Public Records Administrator shall serve as the secretary of the Committee.

(b) The Committee shall convene when called by the chairperson or by any 3 members to:

(1) Review and act upon a records retention schedule submitted for consideration by the Administrator;

(2) Review and act upon requests for exceptions from the records retention schedule for disposal authority;

(3) Accept for the archives nonpublic records of historic significance on the recommendation of the Administrator; and

(4) Consider and resolve policy and other matters affecting the District records disposition program.

(c) The concurrence of the Administrator shall be necessary for the destruction of any public record.