Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1599.04. The Director of the Coordinating Committee.

(a)(1) The Director of the Coordinating Committee shall be appointed to the Excepted Service as a statutory officeholder pursuant to § 1-609.08.

(2) The Director shall report to the Mayor.

(b) At minimum, the Director shall meet the following qualifications:

(1) Be familiar with the District public education system and member agencies;

(2) Have project management experience; and

(3) Possess expertise providing guidance and best practices for educating youth involved in the foster care and criminal justice systems.

(c) The Mayor is encouraged to consult with the Coordinating Committee on the specific qualifications and job description for this position.

(d) The Director shall have the following duties:

(1) Be responsible for and oversee the daily operations of the Coordinating Committee;

(2) Supervise Coordinating Committee staff;

(3) Recommend and institute internal policies, procedures, and processes for the Coordinating Committee to ensure efficient operations;

(4) Lead and coordinate the Coordinating Committee;

(5) Provide ongoing technical assistance to members of the Coordinating Committee in carrying out the recommendations in accordance with best practices, local laws, and federal laws;

(6) Be responsible for drafting the annual report mandated pursuant to § 2-1599.06(c);

(7) Share best practices from around the country and facilitate knowledge sharing with other states and jurisdictions to increase knowledge of best practices and intervention strategies; and

(8) Work with executive agencies, community stakeholders, and the Coordinating Committee to create, coordinate, and implement the strategic plan created pursuant to § 2-1599.06(d) to improve educational outcomes for students in the care of D.C.