Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1593. Purpose.

The purpose of the Commission is to promote a vision of the District of Columbia as a stable, safe, and healthy environment for children, youth, and their families by reducing juvenile and family violence and promoting social and emotional skills among children, youth, and their families through the oversight of a comprehensive, community-based integrated service delivery system aligned with the statewide strategic education and youth development plan, described in § 38-191, that includes:

(1) Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary assessments of children by school-based clinicians;

(2) Authority over a management information system that enables the inter-agency exchange of information and protects families’ privacy rights;

(3) Facilitation of resource sharing and inter-agency collaboration on multi-disciplinary projects;

(4) Development and implementation of proven, evidence-based preventive and interventive programs for children and families by educational, law enforcement, mental health, and social services agencies;

(5) Development of integrated service plans for individual children and families that promote the delivery of services that are comprehensive, implemented without interruption, and free from duplication or redundancy; and

(6) Independent evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs developed pursuant to, or in accordance with, this subchapter, including:

(A) Their impact on academic performance, levels of violence by and against children, truancy, and delinquency;

(B) The cost effectiveness of the programs, taking into account such factors as reductions, or potential reductions, in out-of-home placements and law enforcement expenditures; and

(C) The extent to which the Commission has developed the capacity to sustain the programs and activities.