Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1584. Funding priorities.

(a) In fiscal year 2007, the youth development plan shall be funded by a $1 million allocation to the Office of the City Administrator to be used as follows:

(1) An amount of $600,000 for gang intervention services, including the Violence Intervention Partnership to reduce youth violence in communities east of the Anacostia River through innovative law enforcement, conflict resolution, and intervention and prevention strategies through a collaborative effort by community leaders, law enforcement officers, government agencies, faith-based institutions, community-based organizations, educators, and youth outreach workers.

(2) An amount of $300,000 for girls leadership and violence prevention programs, including a program to study violence among female youth and implement programs to address this issue; and

(3) An amount of $100,000 for youth worker training in positive youth development principles and methods.

(b) The Mayor shall designate additional resources for the Youth Development Plan from agencies that will provide services and support for the Plan’s initiatives, subject to the provisions of § 2-1583 and applicable laws and regulations.