Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1572. Establishment.

(a) The Mayor shall establish an Institute to be known as the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute and shall provide programs in professional development, leadership training, and personal development for all eligible District youth. The focus of the program shall include:

(1) Building skill expertise in word processing, Powerpoint presentations, and database and spreadsheet maintenance;

(2) Drafting memos, letters, and press releases; and

(3) Public speaking.

(b) The program shall seek to ensure that participants reach proficiency in these skills which are essential to successfully compete for and retain employment.

(c) The programs shall include:

(1) A school-year program to provide services and instruction to at least 500 eligible District youth; and

(2) A summer training program that shall consist of 2 sessions, each conducted over a 2-week period at a District college or university, and provide services and instruction to at least 250 eligible District youth.

(d) Department of Employment Services funds may be used to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages for participants during the required summer training program sessions and the District government employees who supervise the youth during the required summer training program sessions.