Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1535.07. Reporting requirement.

(a) Each educational institution shall provide to the Mayor, by a date determined by the Mayor, an annual report regarding the aggregate incidents of bullying, and any other information that the Mayor determines is necessary or appropriate.

(b) By September 1, 2014, and biennially thereafter, the Mayor shall:

(1) Review the programs, activities, services, and policies established pursuant to this subchapter of each agency, educational institution, or grantee to determine their effectiveness and whether the agency, educational institution, or grantee is in compliance with this subchapter; and

(2) Report the findings to the Council by December 31 of each year that a report is due, along with an assessment of the current level and nature of bullying in agencies, educational institutions, and grantees and recommendations for appropriate actions to address identified problems.