Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1515.03. Organization.

(a) The Department shall have sufficient staff, supervisory personnel, and resources to accomplish the purposes of this subchapter. There is hereby established in the Department:

(1) The Office of the Director, which shall be responsible for all administrative activities, such as human resources, technology and information services, facilities management and transportation, contracting and procurement, and budget and financial services, with subordinate staff offices responsible for overall management responsibility of the office;

(2) The Division of Secure Programs, whose Deputy Director shall be responsible for operations at the Oak Hill Youth Center, the Youth Services Center, and any other Department secure facility;

(3) The Division of Court and Community Programs, whose Deputy Director shall be responsible for aftercare services for committed youth and prevention programs;

(4) The Division of Performance Management, whose Deputy Director shall be responsible for licensure, regulation, technical assistance, training, quality assurance, quality improvement, risk management, program evaluation, data collection, contract monitoring, policy formulation, legislative affairs, and monitoring and reporting on compliance with standards, policies, court orders, laws, rules, and regulations;

(5) The Office of Internal Integrity, which shall be responsible for the swift and competent internal investigations into allegations and indications of unprofessional and unlawful conduct by employees or contractors of the Department; and

(6) The Office of the General Counsel, which shall be responsible for reviewing legal matters pertaining to the Department and its programs, analyzing existing or proposed federal or local legislation and rules, managing the development of new legislation and rules, and coordinating legal services to the Department, and shall be headed by a General Counsel, who shall be in the Senior Executive Attorney Service of the Legal Service as an at-will employee under the direction and control of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia.

(b) Notwithstanding the proposed organization established in subsection (a) of this section, the Director of the Department shall have the authority, pursuant to § 2-1515.02(e), to organize and reorganize the organizational structure set forth in this section.