Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1504. Office of Youth Advocacy established; functions; appointment of Director; personnel.

(a) There is hereby established in the executive branch an Office of Youth Advocacy which shall perform a planning, review and evaluation function for all programs operated by the District of Columbia government impacting on children and youth, including employment, health, counseling recreation, and training.

(b) The Director of the Office of Youth Advocacy shall be appointed by the Mayor. The Director may hold no other public office.

(c) The following positions and their associated funding are hereby authorized to be transferred from the Office of Youth Opportunity Services to the Office of Youth Advocacy:

One special assistant to the Mayor GS-16

(Subject to the prior approval of the

Civil Service Commission pursuant

to 5 U.S.C. § 5108.)

One program analyst officer GS-13

One education specialist GS-12

One research assistant GS-11

One program director GS-11

Two field technical assistants GS-9

One computer program analyst GS-11

Two program analysts GS-9

One secretary GS-7

Consistent with this subchapter and other District laws, the Director may hire employees, assign work, and delegate the duties, exercise the powers, and carry out the functions of the Office.

All positions and personnel so transferred shall continue to be governed by personnel legislation enacted by Congress, and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, until such time as the District government personnel system is established in accordance with § 1-204.22(3). Such positions and personnel may be reclassified, realigned, or found in excess and separated from the service in accordance with this subchapter or an administrative order of the Director.