Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1411.05. Organization.

(a) There are hereby established the following 5 primary organizational functions in the Office:

(1) The Office of the Director, which sets overall policy and performance targets for the Office, supervises and evaluates staff, administers the budget, and promotes conciliation after a determination of probable cause has been reached.

(2) Education and Research, which studies patterns of discrimination in employment, public accommodations, and educational institutions, and educates District residents, employers, community groups, and other concerned parties about the Human Rights Act and federal anti-discrimination laws in order to prevent unlawful discrimination.

(3) Intake, which counsels prospective complainants on the Office’s functions and statutory responsibilities, evaluates the complainants’ allegation of unlawful discrimination, and completes the forms and procedures necessary for the filing of a complaint;

(4) Mediation, which trains and oversees the activities of mediators who assist the parties to a complaint in trying to reach a voluntary settlement; and

(5) Investigations, which solicits and evaluates evidence provided by the complainant and respondent to prepare a written determination about whether there is probable cause to believe that the respondent has violated the Human Rights Act.

(b) The Director, in the performance of his or her duties and functions, is authorized to restructure the organizational components of the Office as he or she deems necessary to improve the quality of services.