Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1313. Functions of Director.

In order to carry out the purpose of this chapter, the Director shall:

(1) Serve as an advocate for the Latino community in the District of Columbia;

(2) Assist community organizations and the Commission in developing and submitting grant applications;

(3) Provide information and technical assistance with respect to programs and services for the Latino community to the Mayor, the Commission on Latino Community Development, the Council, other District of Columbia agencies and departments, and the community;

(4) Respond to recommendations and policy statements from the Commission within 30 days of written submission unless extended by mutual agreement of the Commission and the Office;

(5) File an annual report on the operation of the Office with the Mayor, the Council, and the Commission;

(6) Identify areas of need for service or improvement of service and bring them to the attention of the Mayor and Commission, with suggestions for meeting such needs, including conducting or funding research and demonstration projects to test such suggestions;

(7) Carry responsibility for assuring necessary control, evaluation, audit, and reporting on programs funded through the Office;

(8) Accept volunteer services and funds from public and private sector to supplement the budget in carrying out the planning duties and responsibilities of the Office;

(9) Meet with the Spanish Program Coordinators within each department and agency of the District of Columbia government having such offices as a group, at least once a month to coordinate activities within the government involving the Latino community; and

(10) Issue grants to organizations that provide services to Latino residents of the District of Columbia or in furtherance of the mission of the Office or the purposes of this chapter; provided, that grants shall be administered pursuant to the requirements set forth in part B of subchapter XII-A of Chapter 3 of Title 1 [§ 1-328.11 et seq.].