Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1225.41. Eminent domain.

(a) The repeal of subchapter X of this chapter, under section 103(a) of the National Capital Revitalization Corporation and Anacostia Waterfront Corporation Reorganization Act of 2008, effective March 26, 2008 (D.C. Law 17-138; 55 DCR 1689) shall not impair or affect the validity of the acquisition by the NCRC or the RLARC of any properties nor shall the repeal affect the authority under which properties were previously taken, or for which condemnation proceedings were initiated, under § 2-1219.19 [repealed].

(b) Condemnation proceedings initiated by the NCRC or the RLARC under § 2-1219.19 [repealed] may be continued or reinstituted by the Mayor in the name of the District and the Mayor may rely upon the authority pursuant to which the NCRC or the RLARC acted as well as the findings previously made by the Council and by the NCRC or the RLARC in connection with the condemnation proceedings or the authority granted to the Mayor pursuant to § 16-1311.