Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1217.33g. Issuance of the bonds.

(a) The bonds of any series may be sold at negotiated or competitive sale at, above, or below par, to one or more persons or entities, or issued to the Development Sponsor, and upon terms that the Mayor considers to be in the best interests of the District.

(b) The Mayor or an Authorized Delegate may execute, in connection with each sale of the bonds, offering documents on behalf of the District, may deem final any such offering document on behalf of the District for purposes of compliance with federal laws and regulations governing such matters, and may authorize the distribution of the documents in connection with the bonds.

(c) The Mayor is authorized to deliver executed and sealed bonds, on behalf of the District, for authentication, and, after the bonds have been authenticated, to deliver the bonds to the original purchasers of the bonds upon payment of the purchase price.

(d) The bonds shall not be issued until the Mayor receives an approving opinion from Bond Counsel as to the validity of the bonds of such series and, if the interest on the bonds is expected to be exempt from federal income taxation, the treatment of the interest on the bonds for purposes of federal income taxation.

(e) Unit A of Chapter 3 of this title and subchapter III of Chapter 3 of Title 47 shall not apply to any contract the Mayor may from time to time enter into, or the Mayor may determine to be necessary or appropriate, for the purposes of this subpart [§§ 2-1217.33a to 2-1217.33n].