Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1217.04. Approval by the Council.

Upon completion of negotiations with the development sponsor, the CFO may certify the project and submit such certification and the proposed resolution referred to in § 2-1217.03(d) to the Mayor. If the Mayor determines that the resolution is consistent with the requirements of this section, the Mayor shall transmit to the Council a proposed resolution to approve the project, the TIF area, the development agreement, and the amount to be financed. The proposed resolution shall define the TIF area for the eligible project, a summary description of the eligible project and its compliance with the criteria, a listing of the public benefits to be derived from the eligible project, portion of real property tax or sales revenues increment to be allocated to the project; and a summary of the terms of the TIF bonds to be issued with respect to the project. The Council shall approve or disapprove the proposed resolution within 45 days.