Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1215.09a. Adjacent or abutting properties.

(a) An owner of an adjacent or abutting property may petition to join an existing BID if the owner sends a letter requesting to be added to a BID to the BID Board and to the Mayor, listing the address, square and lot number, owner, and owner’s contact information. The BID board must vote to approve the addition. If the BID Board votes to approve adding the additional property, the BID Board shall send a letter to the Mayor with the results of the vote (“results letter”).

(b)(1) The Mayor shall have 30 days after receiving the results letter from the BID Board to review the proposed addition and determine if the addition is an adjacent or abutting property not currently located in another BID. If the Mayor finds that the proposed addition is not an adjacent or abutting property or that the proposed addition is currently located in another BID, the Mayor may issue an order rejecting the addition.

(2) If the Mayor does not issue an order approving or rejecting the addition within the 30-day review period, the addition shall be deemed approved.

(3) If the addition is approved or deemed approved, the property shall be added to the BID at the next regularly scheduled billing pursuant to § 2-1215.15.

(c) The proposed addition shall be subject to §  2-1215.09(c).