Code of the District of Columbia

§ 2–1208.34. Innovation Space and Marketplace report.

(a) Within 180 days of the effective date of this subchapter, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development shall submit to the Mayor and the Council a report on opportunities for establishing a District-sponsored Innovation Space and Marketplace to support the local maker community by providing a central venue in which members can work and display and sell their products.

(b) The report shall:

(1) Identify District property for potential use as an Innovative Space and Marketplace;

(2) Estimate the cost of developing potential sites for such use;

(3) Estimate the costs of operating and maintaining the site;

(4) Assess the availability of public-private partnerships to develop an Innovation Space and Marketplace;

(5) Assess the availability of private donations, grants, or sponsorships to support the Innovation Space and Marketplace and the purchase of a wide range of equipment, such as tools for:

(A) 3D printing and prototyping;

(B) Woodworking;

(C) Metal working and welding;

(D) Sewing;

(E) Screen printing;

(F) Electronics; and

(G) Robotics; and

(6) Consider the most efficient management option for an Innovative Space and Marketplace.

(c) In preparing the report, the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development shall work with a variety of stakeholders, including:

(1) Diverse members of the maker community;

(2) Local creative organizations;

(3) Universities and colleges;

(4) The Commission on Arts and Humanities; and

(5) The Department.