Code of the District of Columbia

§ 16–4419. Award.

(a) An arbitrator shall make a record of an award. The record shall be signed or otherwise authenticated by any arbitrator who concurs with the award. The arbitrator or the arbitration organization shall give notice, as provided for in § 16-4409, of the award, including a copy of the award, to each party to the arbitration proceeding.

(b) An award shall be made within the time specified by the agreement to arbitrate or, if not specified therein, within the time ordered by the court. The court may extend, or the parties to the arbitration proceeding may agree in a record to extend, the time. The court or the parties may do so within or after the time specified or ordered. A party waives any objection that an award was not timely made unless the party gives notice of the objection to the arbitrator before receiving notice of the award.