Code of the District of Columbia

§ 16–3903. Fees and costs; waiver.

Fees for processing actions in the Small Claims Branch shall be set as the court prescribes. The judge sitting in the Branch may waive the prepayment of costs or the payment of costs accruing during the action upon the sworn statement of the plaintiff or upon other satisfactory evidence of his inability to pay the costs. When costs are so waived the notation to be made on the records of the Branch shall be “Prepayment of costs waived,” or “Costs waived.” The term “pauper” or “in forma pauperis” may not be employed in the Branch. If a party fails to pay accrued costs, though able to do so, the judge may deny him the right to file a new case in the Branch while the costs remain unpaid, and likewise deny him the right to proceed further in any case pending in the Branch.