Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–627.03. Status of employees of other governments or organizations.

(a) When any agency of the District acts as a receiving agency, employees of the sending agency or organization who are assigned under authority of this subchapter may:

(1) Be given appointments in the receiving agency covering the periods of such assignments with compensation to be paid from the receiving agency funds or without compensation; or

(2) Be considered to be on detail to the receiving agency.

(b) The appointment of an employee of another government or organization, assigned to a District agency, may be made without regard to the laws or rules and regulations governing the selection of employees in the Career and Educational Services.

(c) An employee of another government or organization who is detailed to a District agency may not by virtue of the detail be considered to be an employee of the District, except as provided in this section, nor may he or she be directly paid a salary or wage by the District agency. The assignment agreement may, however, authorize the District agency to reimburse the sending agency or organization for all or any part of the employee’s salary and fringe benefits. The agreement between the sending agency or organization and the receiving agency may govern the supervision of the duties of such employees during the period of detail.

(d) The District government shall treat any employee of a sending agency or organization assigned to the District who suffers disability or death as a result of personal injury arising out of and in the course of such assignment, or sustained in the performance of duties, as a District employee for the purpose of the District’s employee disability compensation program. An employee of a sending agency or organization is not entitled to benefits under that program for any period for which he or she elects similar benefits under the employee compensation program of his or her permanent employer.