Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–622.09. Termination of insurance.

(a) A policy purchased under § 1-622.05 shall contain a provision, approved by the Mayor, providing that insurance on an employee ends 1 month after separation from the District or after discontinuance of pay, with provision for temporary extension of life insurance coverage and for conversion to an individual policy of life insurance under conditions approved by the Mayor.

(b) An employee in a group life insurance plan under § 1-622.05 who is removed or suspended without pay and later reinstated or restored to duty on the grounds that the removal or suspension was unwarranted or unjustified may, at the employee’s option, enroll as a new employee or have the employee’s coverage restored, with appropriate adjustments made in contributions and claims, to the same extent and effect as though the removal or suspension had not taken place.