Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–620.35. Procedure and employee impact.

(a) A drug and alcohol testing policy, including the notice required by § 1-620.32(d), shall be issued at least 30 days in advance of implementing the drug and alcohol program to inform District employees of the requirements of the program and to allow each employee one opportunity to seek treatment, if he or she has a drug or alcohol problem. Thereafter, any confirmed positive drug test results, positive breathalyser test, or a refusal to submit to a drug test or breathalyser shall be grounds for termination of employment in accordance with this chapter.

(b) The testing program shall be implemented as a single program.

(c) The results of a random test conducted pursuant to this subchapter shall not be turned over to any law enforcement agency without the employee’s written consent.

(d) An applicant may be offered employment contingent upon receipt of a satisfactory drug testing result, and may begin working in a position that is not designated as safety-sensitive prior to receiving the results.