Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–620.31. Definitions.

For the purposes of this subchapter, the term:

(1) “Applicant” means any person who has filed any written employment application forms to work as a District employee, or has been tentatively selected for employment.

(2) “Child” means an individual 12 years of age and under.

(3) “District employee” means a person employed by the District of Columbia government.

(4) “Drug” means an unlawful drug and does not include over-the-counter prescription medications.

(5) “Employee” means any person employed in a position for which he or she is paid for services on any basis.

(6) “Post-accident employee” means an employee of the District of Columbia, who, while on duty, is involved in a vehicular or other type of accident resulting in personal injury or property damage, or both, in which the cause of the accident could reasonably be believed to have been the result, in whole or in part, from the use of drugs or alcohol on the part of the employee.

(7) “Probable cause” or “reasonable suspicion” means a reasonable belief by a supervisor that an employee in a safety-sensitive position is under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol to the extent that the employee’s ability to perform his or her job is impaired.

(8) “Random testing” means drug or alcohol testing conducted on an District employee in a safety-sensitive position at an unspecified time for purposes of determining whether any District employee subject to drug or alcohol testing has used drugs or alcohol and, as a result, is unable to satisfactorily perform his or her employment duties.

(9) “Reasonable suspicion referral” means referral of an employee in a safety-sensitive position for testing by the District for drug or alcohol use.

(10) Repealed.

(11) “Youth” means an individual between 13 and 17 years of age, inclusive.