Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–613.52. Performance management system.

The performance management system shall provide for:

(1) The development of individual performance plans for all employees;

(2) Ratings based on one or more of the following performance management components:

(A) Standards;

(B) Objectives;

(C) Real-time tasks and assignments; and

(D) Competencies;

(3) Up to 5 rating levels, the highest of which shall constitute an outstanding performance rating for purposes of § 1-624.02(b)(3) and the lowest of which shall constitute an unacceptable performance rating for purposes of § 1-624.02(b)(4);

(4) A rating process, with (at a minimum) annual evaluations which may include input from citizens, customers, peers, the employee, subordinates, and supervisors;

(5) A removal and reconsideration process, which may include the alternatives of reassignment and demotion; and

(6) An opportunity to demonstrate an improvement in performance during the reconsideration process.