Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–612.06. Contributions.

(a) A leave contributor may submit a voluntary written request to the PFML Bank Administrator that a specified number of hours of the leave contributor's accrued annual, restored, or universal leave be contributed to the PFML Bank. The contribution shall be made to the PFML Bank in accordance with procedures established pursuant to § 1-612.11.

(b) A leave contributor may not contribute more than a total of 1/2 of the amount of annual or universal leave that the leave contributor would be entitled to accrue or receive during the leave year in which the contribution is made. A leave contributor may contribute restored leave without limitation. The personnel authority or his or her designee may, in special circumstances, as determined by the personnel authority or their designee, waive the limitation of the amount of annual or universal leave that may be contributed by an employee.

(c) A leave contributor may designate a specific leave recipient to whom the leave contributor wishes to contribute leave. Contributed leave not used by the designated leave recipient within 12 months shall remain in the PFML Bank for use by other leave recipients.