Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–609.04. Special appointments.

Special noncompetitive appointments may be made to positions provided under the authority of this section. Such positions are covered by the provisions of § 1-609.02 relating to the Excepted Service positions. The nature of the appointment must be made known to the employee prior to effecting the appointment.

(1) Individuals appointed to positions created under public employment programs established by law.

(2) Positions established under special employment programs of a transitional nature designed to provide training or job opportunities for rehabilitation purposes, including persons with disabilities, ex-offender or other disadvantaged groups.

(3) Positions filled by the appointment of a federal employee under the mobility provisions of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970 (84 Stat. 1901, Pub. L. 91-648).

(4) Positions established under federal grant funded programs having a limited or indefinite duration, provided state merit requirements are not applicable; provided, however, that this paragraph shall not apply to any employees of the Board of Education or of the Trustees of the University of the District of Columbia.

(5) Positions established to employ professional, scientific, or technical experts or consultants.

(6) Positions established under cooperative educational and study programs.