Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–301.176. Duties of the Deputy Auditor for Public Safety.

The Deputy Auditor for Public Safety shall, in addition to any other responsibilities assigned by the Auditor or by law:

(1) Conduct periodic reviews of the complaint review process and make recommendations, where appropriate, to the Mayor, the Council, and the designated agency principal concerning the status and the improvement of the complaint process and the management of the Metropolitan Police Department ("MPD") and the District of Columbia Housing Authority Police Department ("DCHAPD") affecting the incidence of police misconduct, such as the recruitment, training, evaluation, discipline, and supervision of police officers; and

(2) Periodically review the following with respect to MPD, DCHAPD, or the Office of the Inspector General:

(A) The number, type, and disposition of complaints received, investigated, sustained, or otherwise resolved;

(B) The race, national origin, gender, and age of the complainant, if known, and the subject officer or officers;

(C) The proposed discipline and the actual discipline imposed on a police officer as a result of any sustained complaint;

(D) All use of force incidents, serious use of force incidents, and serious physical injury incidents; and

(E) Any in-custody death.