Code of the District of Columbia

§ 1–1403. Functions.

The functions assigned to the Office shall be to:

(1) Issue regulations governing the acquisition, use, and management of information technology and telecommunications systems and resources throughout the District government, including hardware, software, and contract services in the areas of data and word processing, telecommunications, printing and copying;

(2) Review and approve all agency proposals, purchase orders, and contracts for the acquisition of information technology and telecommunications systems, resources, and services, and recommend approval or disapproval to the Chief Procurement Officer;

(3) Review and approve the information technology and telecommunications budgets for District government department and agencies;

(4) Coordinate the development of information management plans, standards, systems, and procedures throughout the District government, including the development of an information technology strategic plan for the District;

(5) Assess new or emerging technologies and advise District department and agencies on the potential applications of these technologies to their programs and services;

(6) Implement information technology solutions and systems throughout the District government;

(7) Promote the compatibility of information technology and telecommunications systems throughout the District government;

(8) Serve as a resource and provide advice to District departments and agencies about how to use information technology and telecommunications systems to improve services, including assistance to departments and agencies in developing information technology strategic plans;

(9) Maintain and oversee all District data centers, including, but not limited to, the SHARE, Department of Human Services, Department of Employment Services, University of the District of Columbia, Metropolitan Police Department, Public Benefits Corporation, Saint Elizabeths, Department of Health, and District of Columbia Public Schools data centers; provided, that this paragraph shall not apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles;

(10)(A)(i) Review the use of landlines, wireless phone lines, and data for which the District pays for telecommunication services and decertify and disconnect such services whenever not in active use; and

(ii) Require District agencies to annually re-certify all inventory in the fixed cost management system of active landlines, wireless phone lines, and data circuits.

(B) The Office may:

(i) Disconnect landlines in favor of wireless devices and vice versa based on usage analysis and in consultation with agency directors; and

(ii) Review and reject any requests for telecommunication services that do not comply with the technology standards of the Office.

(C) The Office shall not impose any requirement, determination, or decision concerning, or otherwise interfere with, the telecommunications inventory of the Council unless the Council specifically consents;

(11) Develop and implement solutions designed to ensure that all District residents and businesses have equitable and affordable access to high-speed Internet services;

(12) In furtherance of paragraph (10) of this section, obtaining and expending federal grant funds for digital inclusion efforts and awarding sub-grants to nonprofit entities established in the District for the purpose of supporting digital inclusion efforts by such entities, including the following:

(A) Providing computer literacy training;

(B) Providing free or low-cost computers;

(C) Developing new online content;

(D) Conducting public outreach concerning the use, availability, and benefits of computers and the Internet; and

(E) Similar efforts to enhance the accessibility, usability, affordability, and perceived value of computers and the Internet among under-served populations of the District; and

(13) Stimulate, support, and promote the development of innovative technologies and technology-enabled solutions within the District, including through the issuance of grants and through the issuance of sub-grants of funding Congress granted to the District under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, approved March 11, 2021 (Pub. L. No. 117-2; 135 Stat. 4), and appropriated to the Office, subject to part B of subchapter XII-A of Chapter 3 of this title and subchapter XI-A of Chapter 2 of Title 2.